Kotem Temizlik ve Kozmetik Teks. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. started its activities in 1998 and its main principle is to deliver high quality cleaner products to consumers.

Until 2008, our company produced Dalin Baby Soap under contract manufacturing agreement and since then it has been producing natural soaps in line with the developing market and needs.

Kotem Kozmetik, one of the pioneers of natural soap production, offers Paksa branded products that combine nature and quality to the liking of consumers since 2013.


Being the most reliable producer in the field of natural soap and cosmetics.


To produce natural soaps and cosmetics to offer reliable and natural skin care benefits to consumers.


• We do our job in the right way, properly and put our heart and soul into our business.
• We make clear promises, we will certainly fulfill the promises we give, we will declare the results.
• We continuously improve ourselves and our colleagues.
• We treat all our relationships honestly, transparently and consistently, establishing long-term relationships based on trust.